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Our cloud security experts support clients by providing in-depth configurational reviews and security testing services to fortify and validate your cloud defenses. Cloud Security Assessment
Service Overview
Cloud Security Assessment

A cloud security assessment is an in-depth review encompassing both configurational review and penetration testing conducted by Certus Cybersecurity’s team to ensure that an organization’s cloud infrastructure is protected against the full range of security threats that could impact the business. The impact of a cloud security incident could include the destruction or corruption of databases, disclosure of personal information, theft of intellectual property, and potential for regulatory consequences.

Certus Cybersecurity is a leading provider of cloud security services, helping some of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions to leverage cloud technologies securely. Our process for identifying and mitigating these threats involves a two-step process, including both a passive and active analysis of existing cloud environments. The key benefit of our services is the mitigation of security weaknesses and configurations, enabling a more effective cloud security posture. .

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