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Our secure code review services leverage manual and automated techniques to examine applications and identify code-level security flaws or vulnerabilities. Secure Code Review
Service Overview
Secure Code Review Services

Certus Cybersecurity’s secure code review services help organizations identify security flaws or vulnerabilities in the source code of an application. We are skilled in performing secure code reviews leveraging manual and automated techniques that examine an application’s code base to uncover existing flaws, vulnerabilities, and logic errors. We also inspect specification implementations and ensure adherence to secure coding practices. Certus Cybersecurity’s secure code review services are offered for source code in any programming language and provide unique insight into the security state of your software solution.

Certus Cybersecurity has extensive experience performing secure code review services for large global corporations, financial institutions, and innovative, high-growth businesses. Certus Cybersecurity differentiates itself from other product security firms with its extensive experience performing targeted manual source code reviews and our ability to perform thorough and complex security evaluations of innovative products in a highly efficient, risk-based manner.

From a hardware standpoint, Certus Cybersecurity can provide a source code review of the various components that make up or interface with a connected device. This may include reviewing the code associated with firmware (such as the connected device’s operating system), web applications, thick clients, and mobile applications that interact with or control connected devices.

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