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Our threat modeling services help discover and correct design-level security problems by modeling each component to understand susceptibility to threats. Threat Modeling
Service Overview
Threat Modeling Services

Certus Cybersecurity is a provider of threat modeling services that help organizations anticipate and identify vulnerabilities in critical solutions to safeguard against potential cyber threats. Our threat modeling services take an assume-breach approach encompassing attack surface analysis, data flow mapping across different systems, and security vulnerability detection. Our comprehensive methodology builds upon industry standards through a context-aware approach that includes privilege escalations, ultimately optimizing product security by identifying unique weaknesses and developing effective countermeasures without compromising your business objectives.

Certus Cybersecurity security consultants work closely with client subject matter experts, often from the earliest stages of development, to define the entire attack surface. This generally encompasses deep-dive sessions focused on comprehensively understanding the solution's major components, security controls, assets, trust boundaries and existing and missing controls. As an end state, Certus Cybersecurity provides actionable advice for mitigating identified threat scenarios.

Certus Cybersecurity is routinely engaged for threat modeling services by some of the world's largest global corporations and financial institutions. We have significant experience providing high-quality threat modeling services that bring to light potential weaknesses in the design of the solution and enable the implementation of remediation measures to reduce threats. Key benefits clients receive from our threat modeling services include a holistic understanding of relevant threat scenarios and expert advice enabling effective mitigation of those threats. Clients consistently report that Certus Cybersecurity’s threat modeling services help identify and address novel threats earlier in the software development lifecycle and help better target secure code review and penetration testing efforts.

Our secure code review services leverage manual and automated techniques to examine applications and identify code-level security flaws or vulnerabilities.

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