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We help organizations securely deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technologies through services including threat modeling, device design consulting, secure code review, and penetration testing, including software, hardware, protocol, and firmware. Hardware Security

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Hardware Security Services
With deep expertise in hardware security, Certus Cybersecurity is well suited to support Internet of Things (IoT) innovation efforts in a secure manner. Certus Cybersecurity can provide services that include penetration testing of the hardware components and communication protocols used by the device, secure code reviews of firmware, threat modeling, and architecture review of the ecosystem that supports the IoT infrastructure. At the conclusion of these assessments, Certus Cybersecurity will provide recommendations to further enhance the security posture and mitigations for identified security concerns, providing confidence around the current implementation.

Certus Cybersecurity has extensive expertise in hardware security testing. The services provided include hardware-level testing of chips and memories, verifying access achieved via debug ports, side-channel attacks, power analysis, and firmware analysis. These testing activities will result in a list of action items to improve the hardware product’s security posture.

Certus Cybersecurity provides security testing services on a wide range of communication protocols in the IoT space such as, SDR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (“BLE”), ZigBee, MQTT, AMQP, and LoRA to name a few. Certus Cybersecurity focuses on five applicable attacking scenarios, including sniffing and passive eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service, fuzzing attacks, and authentication attacks. The results of these activities provide specific recommendations to harden the communication protocols used by the device and its components.
Device Design Review
Device Design Review
Certus Cybersecurity's device design review services help organizations identify and mitigate security weaknesses to protect hardware-based products.
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Device Penetration Testing
Device Penetration Testing
Certus Cybersecurity's device penetration testing focuses on assessing the hardware and software enabling physical products to verify if potential weaknesses exist, and whether those weaknesses can be exploited.
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Penetration testing helps Fortune 100 technology company enhance product security
Hardware Security Penetration testing helps Fortune 100 technology company enhance product security
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