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We provide attorneys with highly effective consulting and expert testimony in litigation matters involving cybersecurity. Our consultants use their technical expertise and communication skills to bring clarity to complex cybersecurity issues. Litigation Consulting

Services and Specialties

Litigation Consulting Services
Consulting with Attorneys
In the earliest stages of a case, we work with clients to identify key cybersecurity issues to address.
Providing Expert Testimony
Our experts have prior testifying experience and the ability to clarify complex issues  through highly effective written and oral testimony.
Conducting Research and Analysis
Our experts leverage technical security expertise and familiarity with industry standards to provide highly effective consulting support and analysis.
Preparing for Deposition and Trial
Our support can extend through the entire trial process. Our expert witnesses prepare thoroughly for deposition and trial and also assist counsel in preparing for depositions of opposing witnesses.

Consulting Capabilities

Litigation Consulting Capabilities
Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Misappropriation
Our staff have significant experience providing cybersecurity expert testimony and consulting in intellectual property matters, including trade secrets matters in diverse industries. This experience includes addressing reasonable cybersecurity measures and analysis of security industry standards.
Insurance Disputes Involving Cybersecurity
Our cybersecurity experts can analyze the facts and provide opinions in insurance litigation arising from security incidents, ransomware attacks, and data breaches.
Contract Disputes Involving Cybersecurity
Our cybersecurity industry expertise helps clarify critical issues in contract disputes involving cybersecurity. Our experts provide opinions on cybersecurity industry standards, such as whether a party's security protocols align with contractual obligations or other relevant standards.

Selected Experts

Specialized Expertise
Our expert consultants are recognized for their depth of knowledge, thought leadership and accomplishments in the field of information security. This breadth of experience allows our consultants to clarify and effectively communicate the key issues arising in each case.
Ryan McKamie
Ryan McKamie CEO & co-founder Read Bio
Swapnil Deshmukh
Swapnil Deshmukh CTO & co-founder Read Bio
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